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Change of Safe Medicate Exam in Midwifery BSc (Hons)

Change of Safe Medicate Exam in Midwifery BSc (Hons)

To change the timing of the Safe Medicate exam or any retake within the Midwifery BSc (Hons) to ensure students are able to graduate and accept midwifery posts that they have already successfully applied for.

Why is this important?

Previously a drugs calculation exam had to be passed in the second year of the midwifery course. In 2014 this changed to August of the third year, at a time when students are about to complete their degree.

The exam is the only assessment that has a 100% pass rate and due to the timing of this exam any minor errors/human error will result in failing and due to the timing will result in students not being able to retake the exam in time to graduate or qualify with the rest of their cohort.

The pressure on the student of exam conditions and the high pass rate causes a natural risk for human error. Failure of the exam is not due to lack of knowledge and is not true to practice as drug administration has procedures in place to check doses and drugs before administration as it is known that human error can occur.

Most midwifery students have already been offered employment prior to the exam after successfully completing rigorous interview processes which includes successful completion of a drug administration test at the trust where employment has been offered. This employment is in jeopardy pending a fail result in the exam.

Competent future midwives are impacted hugely by this late exam which could be rectified if moved or changed to an earlier date.

If you agree with the unfairness of this exam being so late in the academic year please sign this petition and your signature will be passed to the university.


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Reasons for signing

  • I have signed as I enter my final year as a student Midwife I hope this doesn't affect my chances of graduating on time.
  • It doesn't make sense to affect graduation by such late timing of the exam.
  • in support of future midwifery students


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