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To: The Scottish government

Change Slavers Street names in Scotland starting with Dundas Street.

Start a program changing street names in Scotland dedicated to known slavers stating with Dundas Street in Edinburgh.

Why is this important?

Some street names glorify the people who profited from slavery. These same people were paid to give up their slaves and made a vast profit from this vile industry. Henry Dundas who was a powerful politician in the 1790s who delayed the abolition of the slave trade by fifteen years. His family were slave owners. In the fifteen year delay, some 63000 slaves were not given their freedom. Also, there should be a review of all streets in Scotland bearing the names of known slavers. Change the name so that we do not to glorify the name of any known slaver. Any statue plaques should have a modern interpretation and a full history detailed to educate the public.

Scotland, UK

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