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To: House of Commons

childrens act 1989

Ammend children's act to allow grandparent to get parental responsibility in the same way as same sex parents or step parents.

Why is this important?

Because we need parental right to allow grandparents to be able to get it in the same way as same sex parents or step parents. Neither of these are blood relatives. There are over 200.000 grandparents bringing up one or more grandchildren in the UK. We have to go to court to seek permission for a residence order or special guardianship order to also gain parental rights. It can take months and months instead of a trip to local court with downloaded form witnessed by a notary. It all needs to be brought into 2017. The Children's Act is to protect children and this isn't. I have my grandson due to his mothers death and mother and fathers substance abuse. I have no legal rights for my grandson. This all needs to change.


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