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To: London South Bank University

Christmas Catering Redundancies

The University’s chosen catering contractor, Chartwells, a part of Compass Group UK and Ireland, has recently announced its intention to make redundant 34 out of the 48 catering posts at LSBU and to begin issuing redundancy notices over Christmas. To date, Chartwells has refused to use the government’s extended furlough scheme to keep catering staff employed and will not offer enhanced voluntary redundancy.

We understand that the catering contract was varied at the request of LSBU and are calling on the University to reverse that decision and to work with UNISON to ensure that there are no compulsory redundancies in catering.

In particular, we call on London South Bank University to:

Ensure that catering staff are placed on furlough for the duration of the furlough scheme.

Provide Chartwells with the 20% furlough top-up so that catering staff do not lose income over this period.

Make full use of any government schemes intended to maintain jobs and employment following the end of the furlough scheme.

Commit to tripartite talks with Chartwells and UNISON and provide assurances that no variation to the catering contract will be made prior to meaningful consultation with UNISON, so as every effort can be made to avoid such an outcome.

Ensure that in any catering restructure enhanced voluntary redundancy payments are offered to staff; pay protection is guaranteed for staff who stay on; and that existing terms and conditions are protected.

On behalf of the campus trade unions, we look forward to seeing a genuine commitment from LSBU toward all staff in our community.

Jonathan Buckner, UNISON Branch Secretary
Carlos Gonzalez, UCU Branch Secretary

Why is this important?

Catering staff may be outsourced, but the decision to outsource services such as catering, cleaning, security and reception has been entirely at the discretion of LSBU, as has the decision to outsource on conditions that provide inferior sick pay, holiday and remuneration when compared to directly employed staff.

LSBU has already intervened to place staff at risk, it is now time to intervene to save jobs before Christmas.
London SE1 0AA, UK

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