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To: The House of Commons

Citizens' "No Confidence in Government" Motion

We, Citizens of the United Kingdom - having lost confidence in the Coalition Government to act in the best interests of the nation which it purports to serve, protect, and represent - hereby call for a vote of no confidence, with a view to the House of Commons responding accordingly by tabling an early day motion in the House, requiring a formal "Vote of No Confidence in the Coalition Government".

Why is this important?

This is important because the Coalition Government does not have, indeed has never had, the support of, or mandate from, a majority of the electorate for the policies it is pursuing, Moreover, by its actions and omissions it has become very unpopular with the electorate, to the extent that they now hold it in contempt for its uncaring, unjust and cynical policies, its waste or stripping of national assets, and its undue influence by and preferences for the private sector, instead of serving and safeguarding the public interest, its paramount responsibility.



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