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Clamp Down On Telephone Marketing

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Jerry Gamble
Clamp Down On Telephone Marketing

1. Clamp down on companies that flout the Telephone Preference laws.

2. Prosecute companies that get around the Telephone Preference laws by using Offshore Call Centres.

Why is this important?

We are all familiar with the constant calls which invade our privacy from Tele-Marketing Companies - more often than not from Offshore Calling Centres, such as those based in India who are outside of the reach of our laws.

Despite these calls being frustrating, inconvenient & more often than not, downright fraudulent they are still used by leading U.K. based companies as a loophole to get around the Telephone Preference laws which are intended to prevent this.

Although we may not be able to stop the Offshore Call Centres entirely, we can, at least, clamp down on those companies that use them.

Give the law some power to clamp down on such companies & remove the ever increasing Western market for these Call Centres.

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