To: St Albans District Council Cabinet

Clean Air Motion St Albans District Council

Clean Air Motion St Albans District Council

We the undersigned call on the St Albans District Council Cabinet to implement the Clean Air Motion as agreed by the District Council in July '17

Why is this important?

It is clear:
• By turning off motor vehicle engines you improve air quality, reduce fuels costs and comply with the law.
• Reducing air pollutants can help cut heart disease, reduce lung cancer and prevent asthma attacks for example
What can be done?
In July I proposed a motion for St Albans District Council to:
1. Introduce a Byelaw to set up Clean Air Zones outside vulnerable areas such as Schools, Care Homes and Hospitals
2. Consider congestion charging within Clean Air Zones
3. A Clean Air Zone Non-idling zones group be set up to assess and implement key strategies
4. Consider the detrimental impact of vehicles entering town centres
5. Include the on-going government review on classes of vehicles and influencing driver behaviour more effectively through a focus on access to information, training, tax and road levy considerations

The good news is the Council Scrutiny committee has now reviewed and recommended a Clean Air Zone strategy to go to Cabinet for review, but we now need to keep the pressure on the Council to do the right thing and implement this motion to protect St Albans residents, their children and future generations from this environmental killer.

How it will be delivered


Saint Albans District

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