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To: Newcastle City Council

Clean up Newcastle's West End!

Clean up Newcastle's West End!

We ask that Newcastle City Council:

* Take meaningful action to prevent fly-tippers from dumping waste in the back lanes and penalise those caught fly-tipping.
* Provide households with adequate facilities for their rubbish and recycling.
* Prevent people from going through others' bins as this causes further litter problems.
* Provide sufficient numbers of street bins sited in strategic locations to minimise littering.

Why is this important?

For years, we've had a major problem with litter and fly-tipping in the West End. Despite the Council introducing communal bins to some areas, there has been inadequate action to tackle all of the issues. The shopping areas along West Road and Westgate Hill, Adelaide Terrace, Elswick Road, Slatyford Lane and Two Ball Lonnen and the back lanes in the terraces of Arthur's Hill, Benwell, Elswick and Wingrove are particularly badly affected.

Children have to walk though rubbish on their way to school and when playing out. Local businesses are affected as the litter problems reflect poorly on the West End. Local residents are fed up with so much rubbish in their gardens, streets and parks.

Litter looks unsightly, pollutes our environment, harms our wildlife and attracts vermin - the West End deserves better!

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Fed up with the high volumes of litter in the streets....I moved to the west end from Gosforth and the difference is vast - if the council got on top of this I'm sure people would make more of an effort.
  • Newcastle is amazing. This rubbish effects more than the local community there


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