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To: All political party leaders in Westminster

Clean up our electoral system

Increase the powers and fines of the Electoral Commission

Why is this important?

The 2019 general election has seen some truly dodgy behaviour: fake news, misleading leaflets, untruthful ads on social media. And parties have been getting away with it. Why? Because the organisation that oversees elections is just too weak.

The Electoral commission is the organisation tasked with this crucial role but its powers are limited and outdated. For instance, its rules are based on how elections were run decades ago, before social media and fake news played such a key role.

Our democracy won't work if it's polluted by disinformation. The Electoral Commission needs more power so it can impose bigger fines - and help clean up our democracy


Reasons for signing

  • I am sick of misinformation, disinformation, fake news and out and out lies, as well as deals being made behind closed doors eg, the changing of NHS principles, the signing of dodgy contracts with companies working for and with the NHS and the privatisation of the NHS. This has got to stop!
  • Integrity is essential
  • We are doomed to a misinformed and ignorant/arrogant majority pushing us into a form of totalitarian corporatism. Fight back, educate your children and avoid social media addiction. Will the electoral commission ever do more than they are told by those in power? Unlikely. Fight fascist 'ironic' fake news with well researched facts wherever you encounter it


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