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To: The Government

Clean up our Rivers

Clean up our Rivers

Make the Government investigate and insist on stricter regulation on the amount of raw sewage flowing into our rivers by Water Management companies.

Water companies in England discharged raw sewage into rivers on more than 200,000 occasions last year, according to data obtained by the Guardian newspaper.

The analysis reveals untreated human waste was released into streams and rivers for more than 1.5m hours in 2019.

These CSO's are supposed to be used in extreme cases but unfortunately are being used regularly by water management companies rather than cleaning the water first.

Let's get the politicians talking about this and get our rivers cleaned up.

Why is this important?

Raw sewage flowing into the rivers and into our seas means that large areas of the United Kingdom are unsuitable for swimming and watersports as well as having a huge effect on the wildlife on the rivers and seas which has a knock on effect to the overall health of our ecosystem.

Where we live in Scotland we regularly see sanitary towels amongst other waste all over the beach on rainy days straight from CSO's and into the river.

How it will be delivered

If we recieve enough momentum then we will deliver this petition to George Eustice - Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and insist on action.



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