To: Gavin Barwell, Minister for Housing and Planning

Clean up Social Housing

Clean up Social Housing

Please stop turning a blind eye to the suspect and negligent practices of leading social housing providers and set up a body that allows the public direct access, that actually holds them to account.

Why is this important?

The UK has regulating bodies covering all aspects of life, that members of the public can complain to about poor standards of service. Yet Social Housing is not one of them, despite housing costs being the largest essential outlay for most of us.

I am a Hyde Housing Association leaseholder, struggling for one year, to get answers to questions about service charges, for services not rendered. I have ample evidence, yet most of my emails have not only been ignored by staff but also the CEO, the Ombudsman and a local councilor and all published/promised deadlines have been missed. The sums involved are not worth the stress of preparing for and costs of Tribunal but that is my only remaining option.

There is much evidence online, of leaseholders and tenants of leading housing associations, seeking justice for unfair charges or worse, life-threatening, unattended repairs and of suspect practices and negligence.

In 2015, total UK housing association stock stood at 2,828,000 and this will have risen with new build initiatives designed to deal with the housing crisis. Potentially, the vast majority of the leaseholders and tenants of these properties, could be either unaware that their service charges do not reflect actual expenditure or are aware and are unable to get justice.

It is a national disgrace that these bodies, endorsed and supported by Government, who the public should be able to trust, are not being held to account for their exceedingly poor practices and continue to win awards and new contracts at the expense of millions of households.

Please support this petition, in particular, if you are a housing association leaseholder or tenant who is sick of grand statements, that are rarely lived up to.


Reasons for signing

  • These people have no respect for their tenants or any accountability.
  • The total disregard of fault by these large organisations who have no regard for the people.


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