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To: Local Council

Close Clydach Vale Puppy Farm

Close Clydach Vale Puppy Farm

Shut down and remove all animals and birds living in dire and filthy conditions

Why is this important?

This is important for the animals and birds. They are kept for breeding for financial gain, the owner has no licence and the dogs and puppies are not microchipped. About 10 Jack Russell Terriers live outside in small filthy pens with 'slops' to eat and are rarely let out to run around. There are 3 small indoor pens in a tin hut each with a whelping box. There is no bedding or blankets, no toys, just sawdust. The puppies have little human contact and are not socialised, some are sold at 6 weeks old. Rabbits and guinea pigs live in small hutches on inches of their own waste and no run or grass. Doves are kept in a hutch as are wild magpies that have been caught. None of the animals can display their natural behaviour birds should fly, rabbits should run, puppies should be loved and well taken care of, they should not be taken away from their mums so young. They look frightened and bewildered when they are carried away. It is heart breaking watching them being taken away so young

Clydach Vale, Tonypandy

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Reasons for signing

  • Their greed makes me sick!
  • Digusting, these animals need the proper love, care and attention they deserve and not to live in squalor and life threatening conditions . No animal should live like this or made to produce supplies after puppies which are also living intense bellies .
  • I want these poor dogs and puppies to be given a happy and loving home, not to live this breeding life.


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