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To: United Utilities, RSPB, OMBC

Close Dove Stone reservoir to the public until serious issues are resolved

Close Dove Stone reservoir to the public until serious issues are resolved

1) Restrict access to the reservoir and immediate area to the general public immediately.
2) Address the colossal damage done to the environment by unlimited promotion and access.
3) Keep it closed until a solid action plan has been implemented to address the issues around dangerous parking, littering, toilet facilities, unleashed dogs and moorland fires.
4) Put pressure on media groups to be more responsible when promoting the area on social media platforms and consider the consequences. All posts and articles should clearly make reference to the limitations of the area and responsibilities when visiting.

Why is this important?

This is an area of great conservational importance. The moorland is an essential part of our eco-system and a vital sanctuary for wildlife and people alike. Unfortunately, over recent years, it has attracted large numbers of visitors, including some who unfortunately have little regard for the environment. As a result, many local people do not go at all any more. We want people to use, not abuse our precious landscape.

Greenfield, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Dove stones is a beautiful area and needs to be protected, not abused
  • Protecting a local beauty spot and the surrounding environment
  • i don't believe it should be open to the general public during this pandemic. Individuals should learn to respect their environment especially locations similar to the Dovestone Reservoir which is a places of great natural beauty and if the article is accurate ie O/M chronicle. Then it is very sad to read that people are not being responsible in their actions whilst attending there. xx


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