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To: Ceredigion Council

Close down Penwern Puppy Farm

We wanted the licence for the puppy farm to be revoked and it was 7 months after the petition was handed to the Council.

Revoke the licence at puppy farm, namely, Penwern, Capl Dewi, Slandysul, SA44 4PS
6th December I have been informed by Ceredigion Council that the licence has not been renewed for Penwern. They have the right to appeal during the next 28 days so until the end of that period I will leave the petition here in case they win, which I strongly doubt.

Even including the non working days e.g. Christmas and New Year and weekends, 28 days is well and truly up. I have tried to speak to the Ceredigion Licensing Department with no luck (permanently at meetings). However I have now heard from a reliable source that the Appeal is carrying on until March 1st.
This makes one think that efforts are going on to renew the licence. It was suggested by one of the staff at Ceredigion Council that I email the Licensing Department which I have done. I have to say they do get back pretty quickly to emails so I will probably get a reply Monday Morning. It is not just Penwern that causes concern in Wales regarding the puppy farms. Despite the BBC Wales Documentary the Welsh Assembly are seriously dragging their feet as they always have done with regard to this scandal under their noses. Some of the puppy farms aired in the Documentary where the conditions were unbelievably abhorrent still have their licenses, and Penwern is one of them.
So I will see what they say on Monday morning and think very hard over this weekend as to the next move.

David and Eleri Jones have lodged an Appeal. The Full Hearing will be held at Aberystwyth Justice Centre on May 18th.

25th March
We now have the Corona Virus which is seriously affecting so much. I think that court cases might be postponed in which case David and Margaret Jones' situation will be changed. It is frustrating to know that they still have dogs there and until the appeal I understand this is legal.
So a static time at the moment.


Why is this important?

1 Because the Inspection on the 23rd August 2018 was very damning and it was advised not to give a licence.
2 The Veterinary Report on the 1st October was equally damning quoting dogs with conditions such as:- severely damaged eye, deformed left hind foot, abscess under left ear, rotten teeth, born without left eyeball, bilateral protruding nictitians glands, entropion, ulcer left eye and eyelid infection. This is just a handful of some of the conditions in this hell hole of a place. There are no windows, dogs kept in tiny so called kennels on deep litter straw with liquid (mixture of urine and faeces) trickling out from underneath and under the feed bowls, filthy floor, filthy walls, heat lamps with the wires perilously close to the dogs. water bowls containing green water, very strong stench.

Wales, UK

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