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Close Slip Road from A3 in to South Lane KT3

Close Slip Road from A3 in to South Lane KT3

Close off the slip road from the A3 on to South Lane, New Malden, just before Malden Junction.

Why is this important?

South Lane has become a rat run for traffic making a short cut from the A3 to Kingston Road, New Malden. There are no proper traffic calming measures in South Lane; vehicles shoot across the mini roundabouts, rather than circling round them. They tend not to slow down as they approach the roundabouts. South Lane has become a main road for traffic, where it was once a pleasant and safe residential road, it is now a nightmare. There are three schools adjacent to South Lane, Holy Cross, The Study School and Westbury. It is now very difficult crossing the road on South Lane, especially for a parent with a pram and two or three children also in tow or children on their own trying to cross, or for disabled people wanting to cross to get to the local shops, or the elderly who are not able to judge the speed of the cars. Some drivers even 'put their foor down' when they see someone crossing, as though they get a kick out of frightening and intimidating pedestrians. South Lane is no longer a safe road to cross.

South Ln, New Malden KT3, UK

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