Close the HE attainment gap in psychology

Close the HE attainment gap in psychology

We request that the BPS:
1. Explicitly communicate that we welcome and support this initiative.
2. Commit to building a transparent database that documents access, progression and completion by ethnicity across the courses that we accredit.
3. Outline the psychologically informed practical approaches we are developing to put this support into action.

Why is this important?

We consider that such a statement backed up by transparency and practical action is timely for The Society as it is both in keeping with the structural shift in the BPS to be explicitly member supporting, and is also aligned the theme of this years very well received annual conference: 'The Psychology of Inequality'.

As members of a professional body that accredits both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in psychology this initiative is in an area where we can bring our influence to bear to improve equalities in the UK. We would call for us to model the level of transparency required to make these changes to mitigate the current loss of potential and also document the extent to which our codes of practice and professional requirements to justice, fairness and ethics are adhered to across the institutions we accredit.