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To: Any one with an interest in textile art and craft, stitch and embroidery.

Closure of all local Embroiderers’ Guild Branches

Closure of all local Embroiderers’ Guild Branches

Sign the petition to demand that the Trustees unfreeze all local branch bank accounts and allow for a period of consultation. Delay the proposed members meeting to allow for alternative proposals to be put forward.

Why is this important?

The Trustees froze all branch bank accounts with no notice on Friday 19th February 2021. They are asking members to approve a resolution that proposes that all branches will be closed and that all the branch monies will be redeployed to cover HQ debits and the future activities of the main Guild. The proposal is not supported with any financial planning or budgeting documentation. We are concerned that members have not been given the opportunity to understand if the Trustees of this National Charity have correctly carried out their duties and that no provision has been made to allow for members to suggest an alternative solution. If members do not vote for the resolution then all branches will close anyway and their financial assets will be seized. The local branches have existed for many decades and offer a fabulous place for individuals to share their knowledge, exchange ideas and encourage the art of both contemporary and traditional stitching. Many branches are also involved in outreach work in the community, encouraging and teaching textile arts and crafts to both children and adults. All aspects of crafting are currently enjoying significant growth in interest, particularly during the pandemic and the local branches have worked hard to keep their programme of events running. Now, with so many people feeling isolated and with mental health issues, is not the time to force branches to close and redeploy branch funds. For more information see

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Reasons for signing

  • I am concerned about the future of the Collection. The present proposals promise to maintain it to the highest standards. Really? There have been many years of decline at HQ and within two years the whole HQ set up may have gone. What happens to the Collection then - a valuable national asset? The liquidators will offer it to the highest bidder - an American unitversity perhaps or even a private collector. I think the V&A should be approached now and we should GIVE it to them NOW.
  • I've been a member for 7 yrs. Our branch has 40 members. Funds in our branch account have been raised by table sales, raffles etc and members have bought for the enrichment of the branch. If H/O have been hemorrhaging funds, why was such a vast sum, was until very recently, being paid to a CEO and why volunteers where not sought for some of the jobs that further wages were being paid out for. The Quilters Guild seem to manage very well with volunteers.
  • One of the Guilds aims on the charity commission website is to help elderly people, how do they propose to do this if the branches are cast aside? Some members have remained loyal for decades and are not being valued.


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