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To: Boris Johnson and Gavin Williamson

Commit to free school meals over ALL school holidays

Commit to funding free school meal vouchers over all school holidays - so that no child in England is left hungry.

Why is this important?

It’s almost impossible to believe, but once again the government has opened up a new free school meals fiasco. Headteachers in England have been told not to provide free school meals for the children who need them over the half-term holiday next month. Instead they want councils to trial a new scheme especially for half term, which creates huge confusion and risks leaving children hungry.

Children can’t learn on empty stomachs.

Huge public pressure has meant that the government has already U-turned on their decision not to provide free school meals vouchers during the holidays. And just yesterday they U-turned on their decision to send out inadequate food parcels, and instead agreed to send out vouchers in term time again. If thousands of us sign this petition, it could be enough to force them to do the right thing again.



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