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Communities Against the closure of Cymer Afan Comprehensive School

Communities Against the closure of Cymer Afan Comprehensive School

Oppose the closure of Cymer Afan Comprehensive School.

Why is this important?

Cymer Afan Comprehensive School is at the heart of our community and situated in the Upper Afan Valley. The teachers are above average with a rating of 4.41/5 stars. The children receive excellent education and this goes to show as the school is 6th out of the whole of Wales. The children would have to travel at least 2 hours minimum each day, on not the best valley roads. This inturn would affect the children's health and well-being.

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Reasons for signing

  • Because I love to help
  • To support friends and children who rely on this school for employment and education.
  • I attended this school in the 1960.s My Children and grandchildren attended this school through the seventies, eighties and the new millennium, My grandson attends Cymmer school today and is achieving amazing results in his work. Please do not shut this remarkable school bringing this first class education to the upper Afan valley children, they deserve no less. Think of the children coming up and the benefits this provided the generations of children who have passed through these doors.


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