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To: An Lanntair

Community Statement

Community Statement

As a resident in this island community I am disappointed that An Lanntair chose to trial Sunday opening. I hope that this trial does not result in any permanent Sunday opening. It is my sincere view that An Lanntair has not well represented our local community in this matter. I have no desire to see any further erosion of our heritage and unique culture as regards a peaceful Sunday.

Why is this important?

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Reasons for signing

  • An Lanntair couldn't care less about the sensibilities of the people of this island. I'm an incomer but I respect my neighbours and wish them well. Keep Sunday special.
  • The Lanntair can not say they are keeping/promoting the traditions of the island in one hand and then break it in the other hand by opening on Sunday.
  • Wish to keep Lewis and Harris' traditions and culture alive. Opening places on a Sunday will simply start to tear that apart. If it's not broken, why try and fix it?


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