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To: Jeanne Freeman MP

Complete Footpath From New Cumnock To Cumnock

Complete Footpath From New Cumnock To Cumnock

The communities of New Cumnock, Netherthird & Cumnock have petitioned previously to have the footpath between New Cumnock And Netherthird completed to enable them to walk/cycle/wheelchair, push go chairs, dog-walk to Cumnock in safety.
The path is now overgrown and dangerous. We need action to finish, clean and maintain aforementioned walkway on the busy A76.

Why is this important?

This is the link between New Cumnock and the main town, Cumnock. The path was constructed after a man was fatally injured on this stretch. As it is quite a level section it would help able bodied, disable, sight impaired people to both exercise and commute in safety. Many cannot afford to commute by bus for groceries etc.

New Cumnock, Cumnock

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