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To: UK Parliament

Compulsory Drugs Testing for MPs and Lords

Compulsory Drugs Testing for MPs and Lords

Given that half of the Tory leadership candidates have admitted to doing drugs, all MPs and Lords should be subjected to random compulsory drugs and alcohol testing.

Failure of a CDT should be prosecution and the removal from the Houses of Parliament.

Why is this important?

Equality under the law - If Fred Bloggs on a council estate was caught in possession of a class A drug he would be arrested and banged up for a few years. Why should MPs be exempt?

Professionalism - If a professional gets done for drugs they are removed from their place of work. Michael Gove passed legislation to remove teachers from the profession if they are have been on drugs. Why should MPs be exempt?

Judgement - MPs vote on and pass the laws that govern us, any one of them could be PM. How can we trust their judgement if it is clouded by the use of drugs, particularly in the use of nuclear weapons?


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