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To: The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan

Congestion & Pollution Charges for Blackcab Users

1. We want the Mayor to apply pollution and congestion charges to the users of blackcabs & minicabs.

2. End blackcab access to bus-lanes when not carrying passengers.

Why is this important?

London Blackcabs drive an estimated 460 million miles/year. Up to 50% of those miles are empty. [1]

December 2018 study stated that some blackcabs emit up to 30 times more pollution than equivalent private cars! [2]

As even ambulances have to pay the mayor's pollution charge, then black cabs should not be exempted.

Blackcabs carry only 1% of all trips in London.[3] But blackcabs make up to 40% of all cars & 20% of all traffic in cczone. [4]

Blackcabs are exempt from congestion & pollution charges, but minicab drivers are paying the congestion charge once per day from April 8th.

New York imposed a congestion charge on cab-users rather than cabbies and that is what we want.

Tyre & road particulates created by cars and cabs are carcinogenic and damage the lungs of our kids for life. Even new electric cars & cabs emit large amounts of these lethal particulates. We need fewer as well as cleaner cabs.

Blackcabs are not public-transport. For the health of those using buses, walking and cycling, for London's economy & to reduce climate emissions the charge needs to be added.

Those with disabilities would be exempted from the cab-user charge.

Petition hosted by Stop Killing Cyclists. Please share on social media.

Thank you!

1. Blackcabs drive 468 million miles: Nov 2018 TfL data said there are 23,400 blackcabbies. Insure Taxi survey found average blackcabbie mileage is 20,000 miles per annum.

2. Blackcabs emit up to 30 times more lethal NOx than equivalent cars: True Report Dec. 2018

3. Blackcabs make up just 1% of all trips: TfL Report Travel in London Report 10. Pg. 22.

4. Cabs (mini + black) make up 64% of cars in cczone: travel In London Report 9 Table 6.6 pg. 187. Blackcabs make up 20% of total traffic when you include buses & trucks, private hire vehicles 12%, and private cars 18%. Blackcabs thus make up 40% of just cars in cczone.


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