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To: East West Railway Company

Connect St Neots to Cambridge by rail

Connect St Neots to Cambridge by rail

Add St Neots as a stop along the new east west railway connecting Oxford and Cambridge.

Why is this important?

St Neots is the largest town in Cambridgeshire with local area expansion plans to double in size over the next decade.
There are a vast array of professionals already commuting to Cambridge but mainly along congested and polluted roads and many more would like to trade their London train commute for Cambridge.
St Neots is a great hub and should not be forgotten in one of the greatest infrastructure investments we will have seen in a century.

St Neots, Saint Neots

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Reasons for signing

  • As a family we enjoy our trips to Cambridge via park and ride but a direct rail link would mean I would definitely shop there more often.
  • Sick of waiting in traffic on the A428/A14
  • It would be so much better, quicker and less worry about missing a connection to get to the airport which my partner & I do often. Sometimes when taking the bus we worry about getting to cambridge on time for the train. Even if leaving st neots earlier with the A428 like it is with being a lot more.


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