To: Conservation bodies in scotland/ Scottish Government/ First Minister

Conservation Volunteer Training Centre based in Scotland

I wish to stimulate debate on the development of a Conservation Volunteer Training Centre in Scotland, A development such as that being built at Rutland Water by the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust/Rutland Water.

Why is this important?

The Training Centre will allow Rutland Water to:

provide essential natural heritage training and countryside
skills in fit-for-purpose facilities
engage with new volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and
deliver comprehensive and inclusive programmes of volunteer
support, development and training
enable more people to connect with and enjoy our wonderful
natural heritage

This idea would seem to be a potentially great way of
"adding value" to the numerous volunteers found within RSPB/Conservation volunteers in Scotland, as well as potentially increasing engagement in and
support for the RSPB/Conservation volunteering as an organisation. I particularly feel that the volunteer side of the RSPB/Conservation is something that could be very much developed further. Investment in these people,
particularly in training and support to develop them as more
useful individuals for conservation issues of concern, is
something that I believe would help ensure the healthy
development of this core group of supporters.

There is a lot more engagement that can be done with
volunteers, new ideas that could be brought through,
debate/chat/focus groups, that would make the RSPB/Conservation volunteering a far
more effective organisation.

Kinross, Scotland

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