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To: Southampton Council Planning Department

Consult on sustainable transport in planning applications

Consult on sustainable transport in planning applications

We ask Southampton council to make consultation with sustainable transport organisations standard when considering all planning applications. This may include: Sustrans or Southampton Cycling Campaign.

At present, when a planning application is put forward, different organisations are automatically contacted (e.g. the Police, Transport Agency and council departments such as Environmental Health), but there is no organisation contacted for sustainable transport.

We have had a number of large developments in Southampton recently which create wind tunnels, such as the Jury's Inn roundabout. The new West Quay Watermark scheme has removed a cycle lane between Bargate Street and Harbour Parade.

Provision for cyclists should be built into these developments as standard, and this means more than simply installing a few bike racks. Funding also needs to be allocated to sustainable transport organisations so they can respond effectively.

Why is this important?

Air pollution affects us all. Clean Air Southampton recently found that the levels of nitrogen dioxide are 50% higher than the legal limit (there is no safe limit). New developments such as West Quay Watermark will only increase the number of vehicles attracted to the area, increasing the amount of pollution present.

Air pollution leads to:
around 200 early deaths each year in Southampton;
Babies being born with smaller lungs (something they will never recover from);
Cancer; and
Respiratory illnesses.

A significant way to reduce pollution in the city is by promoting sustainable transport. Improving provision for cyclists and pedestrians is a significant part of this.


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Reasons for signing

  • If this were to be implemented it would ensure that cyclists are genuinely considered in planning applications rather than as an afterthought. More cyclists = improved health, less polluted environment, less land wasted on car parks, better traffic flow etc etc
  • People not cars should be our priority and consultation with organisations promoting cycling which is people orirntated should be automatic for all developments.
  • Non-car transport has to be the future, especially in our cities. So we must build in practical design at every step now...


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