To: Each country will resolve its own issues


Dear Sir
The world is in a state of confusion through which states are managing their individual problems of feeding their own people and looking after their welfare in the way they see fit.

There is a need to tackle the impending doom by massively reducing demand on natural resources, and not continually strive to generate economic growth from investments that are short to medium term in duration before new technological innovations become needed to mitigate the adverse effects of that demand-led economic management.

That fuels further demand because new goods and services come at higher prices initially at least and this makes the ordinary people to abandon austerity to strive for higher incomes which goes hand in hand with corruption at a massive scale across the world.

Demand is what should be frozen and that is the only means of environmentally-sustainable lifestyles for whichever country is interested in Climate Change issues. You control demand through restriction of credit and you control the damage to the environment.

The basic law of home economics will then apply that one cuts ones coat according to the cloth that one has, and so lives within each country's means. All supply chains of transfers of goods from one end of the globe to the other end at the cost of massive amounts of crude oil and generating pollution from spillages and destroying coastal areas and deeper oceans to destroy biodiversity will then cease.

So the net zero target strategy is putting the cart before the horse and will solve nothing globally. Politicians are not the appropriate people to make such decisions, only scientific experts should be in government whose decisions the politicians have to carry out so that they are not marginalised out of the genuine solutions they may have to offer to the issue of Climate Change.

The more you spend no matter on what, the worse global warming gets, whether the millions, billions and trillions is spent on fossil fuel extraction, or solar power, wind power, and tidal power technologies, it does not matter. The crux of the matter is expenditure. Expenditure generates population explosion which in turn generates more expenditure and more global warming: Do you understand this?

The governments own all the money because they own their own patch of land. The money has been accumulated from past expenditures using slave labour to exploit colonised lands for their natural resources and cultivated crops like rice and sugar cane for which they displaced the colonised natives to distant countries to be slaves. The money accumulated from this led to the Industrial Revolution which generated capitalism in that the money owned by the Central Banks was distributed to Private Banks which in turn lent the money to entrepreneurs to exploit the natural resources around the world. So, when the government needs money it can force the Private Banks to lend back to the government to get on with its grandiose ideas on spending ever more for political ends. That is how it works. So, the way forward is to nationalise all the private banks in individual countries and force the governments to govern within the means of the nation. Then they can invest whatever amount they wish to on whatever they want to. Is this Communism or Socialism. Communism does not have democracy. Let each country find its own path forward without multinational corporations having the money to go in and invest in other countries. All the money earned by each country should be kept within the country.

Why is this important?

It is necessary for all of us to concern ourselves not just of our backyard but also distant places where people go for holidays and for buisness purposes. Self sufficiency is needed to get people to work their own patch of land with their hands in allotmments, not focus money on educating children to go into selected industries to maintain economic growth. A slow and methodical decline in economic prospects is what needs to be calculated instead of Net Zero Strategy on Carbon emissions.