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To: Walsall Council

Coppice Farm wants CCTV security!

Coppice Farm wants CCTV security!

The residents of Coppice Farm have faced a huge increase in criminal activity on the estate.

From car thefts to burglary, crime seems to be happening far too regularly!

Residents have gathered alot of evidence from there CCTV/Ring doorbells but we're calling on Walsall council to fit professional CCTV at all main junctions in & out of the estate in the hope of finally ending this nightmare.

Why is this important?

Residents & taxpayers have a right to feel safe within their own homes & community. The local authority has a duty of care to help in these matters.

Coppice Farm Way, Willenhall WV12, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • To allow everyone to feel some element of security especially elderly and vulnerable who don’t want to live in fear . BE KIND
  • I have signed it as all residents have the right to feel safe within their own homes.


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