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Cornwall's Mental Health Day Centres

Cornwall's Mental Health Day Centres

Currently, the Mental Health Day Resource Centres, throughout Cornwall, provide certain activities, known as the “Core Programme”; this is only for clients with a Care Coordinator from Cornwall Mental Health Team (CMHT). We request that these activities and the Day Centres become more inclusive so that others without CMHT input can also take part in what the Day Centres have to offer. Have the Day Centres open up once again, to offer significant drop in time, this has been stopped altogether, the Day Centres only offer three hours, twice a week of “Open Access”, even though “Drop in Time” has been constantly requested to have more of. Prevention is better than cure and preventative measures will increase well being. The history of people suffering with mental health difficulties/differences is horrendous and the money that has and is being made out of those who have and are suffering to day. Have them run compassionately and with loving kindness.

Why is this important?

The Day Centres cost little to run and can offer a safe haven and a safe place to heal, for those who have and who are now suffering with mental health difficulties/differences.


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