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To: Therese Coffey, Department of Work and Pensions

Could YOU afford to lose £86 a month?

Could YOU afford to lose £86 a month?


£20 doesn't seem like a lot, does it? For many, that's a taxi fare home after a night out, or lunch with friends. But, for an increasingly large number of families, that's their food budget for a week, or electricity to heat their homes. Many this winter are going to face the double whammy of higher food prices AND higher energy bills, at a time when government support for COVID-19 and the £20 Universal Credit 'uplift' are being removed. It's not enough to say there's plenty of work out there, they should get a job. You can't find work on an empty stomach. Nor should you feel compelled to do so!

Why is this important?

Despite Brexit and COVID-19, we still live in one of the richest countries in the world. So, it is truly disgraceful that an increasing number of people are being forced to choose between paying energy bills and food. Food banks are not the solution! While they have done an enormous amount of good work feeding those who need it the most, their existence cannot be justified as long as the government is happy to spend tax payers' money on £300,000 flat refurbishments and 'vanity projects' like HS2, a project which even traditional Conservative voters don't want! Moreover, there are sufficient funds in National Insurance contributions to pay for this much-needed increase in Universal Credit. Many of those claiming Universal Credit contributed to that fund. So, why is it not being used to fund the very things National Insurance was designed to prevent?

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