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To: UK Government

COVID-19 - Recognise Final Year Medical Students

COVID-19 - Recognise Final Year Medical Students

UK medical schools are graduating final year students early so that they can join the fight against Covid-19, volunteering where needed. As part of its financial support for the fight against this global pandemic, the UK Government should a) recognise the value these young people bring to the NHS as skilled volunteers, and b) compensate them by offsetting their final year student loans by 1/12th for every week of volunteering.

Why is this important?

These young people have invested in their own skill development, and will carry the loans for some years to come. They already face the gruelling years of being junior doctors in the NHS. Now they are showing that strong sense of duty for which our Health Service has been famous. We need to show them that we value their work and will not let the UK Government continue to abuse and undermine both the medical profession and our NHS.



2020-03-26 08:36:26 +0000

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