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To: Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for for Housing, Communities and Local Government

Learn the lessons from Grenfell - make our housing system work for tenants

Create a new housing regulator that works for tenants, not just for landlords. Treat people living in social housing with dignity and respect and make sure their concerns are listened to and addressed.

Why is this important?

We lost our loved ones, our neighbours and our homes in the Grenfell Tower fire. One of the things that makes the heartbreak so difficult is knowing that some of us raised concerns about safety before the fire but we were ignored.

And today, over a year and a half since the tragedy, people living in social housing are still so often ignored and mistreated when they raise issues. With your help we want to change this. We are calling for the Government to create a new housing regulator that works for tenants. Please sign this petition to support us.

The current housing regulator, is focused is on keeping housing associations in profit. It’s not enough. We need a new independent regulator that puts people before profit. After the banking crisis the Government set up the Financial Conduct Authority to look after consumers interests and after the food crisis it set up the Food Standards Agency to protect customers. It’s time for the same approach for housing.

This summer the Government will publish its plans for the future of social housing in a White Paper, so we have just a few months to send a clear message: People living in social housing deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. They need a regulator that will fight for them, not just for their landlords.

Please help us, sign this petition and let’s send a message that Grenfell has not been forgotten and make sure that the loss of 72 lives leads to real change for people across the country.




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