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To: Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council

Create a safe north-to-south cycling, walking and scooting route across Nottingham

Lots of people would like to cycle or scoot to get around Nottingham, but are too scared to do so. Communities in the north and south of the city are connected by roads which are not safe or comfortable places to be if you are not inside a motor vehicle. To enable more people to employ active travel we need a protected route which is safe, direct and for everyone. This ‘North-South Active Travelway’ should connect Sherwood to West Bridgford via the city centre.

Why is this important?

This is an ambitious step towards making Nottingham an easier and more pleasant place to move around by bicycle, scooter, or on foot.

Creating a safe route, physically separated from motor traffic using barriers, bollards and planters, will mean that active travel is an option for all residents including children, older people and those who are less confident on roads. Active travel has numerous health and wellbeing benefits, it needs to be accessible for everyone.

Implementation of the active travelway, will significantly help both Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council reach ambitious carbon goals as it will enable more people to move away from using motorised transport. Air quality will be improved as the number of cars on our roads decreases. The active travelway will be a huge step towards creating an active travel network that the city can be proud of.

The active travelway will connect neighbourhoods, shopping centres, employers and educational and sporting institutions, as well as providing an easier link to Nottingham rail station. It will benefit a wide range of organisations across the city.

Nottingham, UK

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