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To: Wakefield Council

Crossing Patrol outside Holy Trinity School Ossett

This campaign has ended.

Crossing Patrol outside Holy Trinity School Ossett

To ensure the safety of the children of Holy Trinity Primary School by providing a crossing patrol (lollipop person) on Church Street.

Why is this important?

The road outside Holy Trinity Primary School is both busy and dangerous. A blind bend and careless and speeding drivers only add to the problem.

The council has acknowledged this by historically providing two crossing patrols on this stretch of road to ensure we can get our children safely to school. However currently there is none.

Our children are too important to wait for an injury or worse before the council take notice. Please sign this petition to urge Wakefield Council to employ a permanent crossing patrol outside Holy Trinity Primary School.

Thank You


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Reasons for signing

  • i signed because my grandson goes there and feel they should be able to cross safely
  • My granddaughter goes here and it's a really busy road to cross
  • As I have a grandchild at that school and it can be a dangerous place to cross without safety been at hand.


2015-03-04 10:32:17 +0000

Petition is successful with 257 signatures

2015-02-09 20:23:58 +0000

100 Signatures in 3 hours is fantastic work :) If everyone can keep sharing so as many people are aware as possible that would be great :)

2015-02-09 20:02:53 +0000

100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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25 signatures reached

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