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To: Liverpool Council

Croxteth Hall Community Action Group

Croxteth Hall Community Action Group

To make a decision on the future of Croxteth Hall & Estate and begin the process of finding a suitable organisation to take over the running of the Hall and Estate.

Why is this important?

Croxteth Hall and Estate is a vital part of our community and it is essential that Liverpool City Council begin the process of finding an organisation to take over the running of the Hall and Estate.
The Estate is currently losing over £1m per year, diverting much needed funds from an already overstretched council budget. It is clear that the council no longer have the will or the resources to prevent this stunning building and estate from falling further into disrepair.

Opportunities for the local community are being lost due the current status and the uncertainty surrounding its future.

The local community do not want to see another Stonebridge Cross, a development that has still not been completed and has not provided the associated benefits that where originally promised to the local community.

We want to see the Hall and Estate put to better use, to be made into a beacon for the area and Liverpool, with access for the local community and the creation of jobs, education, training and much needed investment.

Croxteth, Liverpool

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Reasons for signing

  • If anyone can breathe fun and purpose into this great site they can. This isn't really about the building but about the life they can create in the building with their vision.
  • The ancestral home of the Molyneuxs
  • I am a Molyneux! :-D


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