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To: Croydon Council

Croydon Council please re-open Purley Leisure Centre

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Rachel Thompson
Croydon Council please re-open Purley Leisure Centre

Croydon Council please re-open Purley Leisure Centre

Why is this important?

All other leisure centres that have public pools are now Coronavirus compliant and have re - opened in Croydon. These centres are back to offering swimming, children’s swimming lessons and gym sessions; but Purley Leisure Centre that serves a large area of South Croydon remains shut.

Indications from the council are that Purley Leisure Centre which has a newly upgraded gym and 25m public pool will not re-open in 2020 and it is unlikely to restart in 2021 with no reasons given as to why.

There is a real risk this popular, accessible leisure centre which was widely used before lockdown by the community, including schools, sports clubs and the swimming club for those with disabilities could be closed down and lost forever.

Purley Leisure Centre has been under threat of closure twice before from successive Croydon councils in 2010 and 2015, but both times the politically neutral Save Purley Pool Campaign made up of local people along with incredible community and local business support saved it.

The Save Purley Pool Campaign is committed to keeping a public leisure centre with pool in Purley and we urge you once again to take action by adding your name to this petition.

Now more than ever when we are being encouraged to take responsibility for our health and weight due to the threat of Coronavirus is not the time to lose a vital facility that helps us do just that. The local population is increasing and with new housing developments being built across the area it will rise further.

Purley Leisure Centre has a huge advantage in that it is highly accessible via public transport which other leisure centres such as Waddon, don’t benefit from.

Thank you for signing.

If you would also like to be added to Save Purley Pool’s supporter list please email: [email protected]

Croydon, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Read the title
  • £924,000 from the council given to reopen leisure centres. A high concentration of elderly, disabled and schoolchildren who rely on this. Businesses who do also. Absolutely no update or reason provided. Open the bloody pool already.
  • A hub for community and health and must not be replaced


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