To: Minister for Housing

Cut Housing costs

Cut Housing costs

Lower the cost of house purchase, bring down house prices, cut mortgage rates

Why is this important?

This would bring down the cost of living across the board, but more importantly for people who can't afford rent or house prices.


Reasons for signing

  • By taxing progressive to near-full LVT(Land Value Tax) on all Land ! as well as building as number of house needed, both are needed, but the first one is most important at this point to b effective.
  • Needed is affordable social housing. No bedroom tax. Living wage as a minimum. No Stamp Duty. No Council Tax rates on house value, replacing with national council tax rates based on ability to pay. No taxes energy bills, already unaffordable. A nice wishlist that would help the economy far more than all the daft ideas of entire political class today.
  • its a disgrace for people that are already looking for work and to live in peace and for us to do the right thing we all have enough to deal with looking for work and dont need this as well