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Cut lengthy written exams for Drama A Level

Cut lengthy written exams for Drama A Level

Breakdown the lengthy 3 hour written exam for Drama and Theatre A Level students. As drama teachers and educators we believe the current drama exam is too long.

Why is this important?

Students are struggling to cope with such a lengthy exam and it is impacting their results. One of my students collapsed from exhaustion in the middle of their exam (it was their second exam that day and they had been writing for over 5 hours).
We urge you to consider dividing the exam into 2 separate exams. This will help students to improve their ability to focus and will also prevent students with access arrangements for extra time from suffering almost 4 hours in a drama exam. We should be testing their knowledge not their stamina!


Reasons for signing

  • Any other exam is limited to 1-2 hours, why should drama be a full 3 hours? It's much more difficult to focus for such a long time. writing 3 massive essays one after the other is tiring and draining making it more difficult to write to the best of our ability. It's just unnecessary.
  • It is an excessive amount, and lasts an excessive amount of time surrounding theory around a subject which should have more focus on practice rather than theory
  • I agree with Jo Todd. It's unnecessarily long for drama students


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