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Support Dacorum Borough Council Workers

Support Dacorum Borough Council Workers

The reduction of redundancy entitlement, from 2.2 weeks to 1.5, is unreasonable and unfair.
I ask the Council reverse the decision to reduce redundancy entitlements.

Why is this important?

UNISON members at Dacorum Borough Council household waste and recycling depots are on strike after the council voted to cut compensation payments to staff who lose their jobs because of redundancy. Staff are fearful for their jobs and for the future of the services they provide. The Council have already started to make compulsory redundancies leaving staff with reduced redundancy payments to support them and their families while they search for new employment.

I feel that this is an unnecessary and unacceptable attack on workers terms and conditions. I am concerned that this will make staff more vulnerable should a redundancy situation arise in the future, especially in a time where staff are doing more and more work for less money.

Hemel Hempstead

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Reasons for signing

  • Could set a precedent for other Local Authorities.
  • Redundancy is incredibly important. It is only fair that after months and years of service, workers should get a good amount if asked to leave for no fault of their own. People rely on redundancy payments to keep their heads above water when thrown into unemployment!
  • Losing your job through redundancy is bad enough but being under pressure to find another job before your "reduced" entitlement runs out is awful!


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