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Cycle helmets to be Compulsory while on a pedal bike

Cycle helmets to be Compulsory while on a pedal bike

We need to make wearing a helmet compulsory for everyone using a pedal bike. Too many people suffer severe or deadly injuries while using a bike on the roads without wearing a helmet. Our roads are faster and busier than ever before so we need a law to be passed to keep people safer.

Why is this important?

My son has just lost a school friend in a tragic road accident this week whilst he was cycling to school Tuesday morning. A car and Tyler collided and he sadly sustained fatal injuries, sadly a helmet was not worn.
This MUST stop.
On spot fines or confiscate cycles if a helmet is not wore by the cyclist. Helmets should be the norm, to make it less trendy for these teenagers to go without one. Everyone will be in the same boat so it becomes less of a stigma.


Reasons for signing

  • A bike helmet saved the life of my partner (and the daddy of my daughter) after he was knocked off his bike by a driver a couple of months ago! Without a helmet, he would have died!
  • Kids don't want to wear them because their friends don't wear them and will tease them. This won't happen if everyone wears them and then they will all be safer.
  • If there was an accident and the cyclist was brain damaged/killed, how would you feel and you’d be blamed even though the cyclist wasn’t wearing any head protection! It should be mandatory and get the kids wearing them from the very beginning! No helmet? No cycling! Simple really!🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️


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