To: Chris Loder MP

Dangerous Dogs Act, and the threat to Euthanise large breeds due to Bad Ownerships

Current Legislation concerning XL Bully Dogs, which may include breeds such as Rottweilers, Cane Corso, German Shepherds, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, etc.,

the Dog Confiscated, retrained and rehomed, and a Large Fine and Ban being Imposed on the animals Owner, even if the Owner is in Prison.

There are many ways All of this could be funded!

The General Public need to be Protected!!! So do our Dogs!!!

The Owner would then have to prove that they are responsible, educated and extremely competent as an Owner Handler, to control the animal in Any Situation.

Or......Shall we Euthanise badly behaved children and Violent Adults as well??? Ridiculous.

Why is this important?

Any Dog that grains a reputation for threatening people is at Risk, especially large and powerful breeds.

Responsible Owners know that handled correctly with firmness and love, these dogs thrive and responding to behave beautifully within family settings.

I'm a Canine Instructor (49yrs experience and 20yrs specialising as a Consultant with aggressive dogs)

Please..... We know that none of this is, is due to dog's breed, but down to the Owner, how they train and treat the dog, or not.

Address the Legislation towards the Owner.

No Puppy is born Bad is Aggressive. It's purely down to the experience that have been subjected to.