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To: David Cameron and the Government

David Cameron - Introduce Firework Laws

David Cameron -  Introduce Firework Laws

Following the outcome of the court case after the M5 Incident on 4th November 2011 when 7 people died and numerous others sustained injuries, some of which are life changing, it is time to change the legislation to ensure the safety of spectators and other members of the public not involved in the event. Therefore we are asking that the following points are noted and the laws changed accordingly.

That all Public and Private Firework Displays are Licensed, and the Licensing Authority carries out regular, stringent checks on all companies in their area supplying Public and Private Firework Displays.

That all Companies providing Public and Private Firework Displays are Suitably Licensed and Insured.

That all Public and Private Firework Displays are authorised and registered with the Local Council and Emergency Services.

That the Company providing the Firework Display are accountable for all public and spectators in the vicinity of the Display.

That the distance from all roads, motorways and major routes be clearly defined. A minimum of 8000 metres.

There must be a minimum of 3 operatives, with at least one operative having a proven track record of no less than 6 years. Solo operatives MUST NOT be allowed.

That all Firework Operatives have certified explosives training delivered by a recognised training organisation.

The training must include planning and organising methodologies, as well as firework layout and firing methodologies, scientific methodologies (ie the composition of substances that are used to make the explosive and detonation), and meteorological methodologies (ie the reaction of firework smoke with fog/mist ).

Training must be renewed on a bi-annual basis with regular 6 monthly/annual updates from the training organisation.

That all the above points are implemented at the earliest opportunity to avoid any such incident as that on the M5 on 4th November 2011 ever occurring again.

Why is this important?

Because currently there is no legislation around fireworks, displays, and setting up businesses, 7 people lost their lives in this dreadful tragedy on 4th November 2011, two of them were my parents. We believe that these 7 people should not have died in vain. We believe that the introduction of Laws to ensure that firework operators are suitably trained and licenced in both their field of work and their businesses would go some way to ensuring that this sort of tragedy never happens again.

This is so important to us that we already have a petition on another site, but we need more people to back us, so we are now trying our luck on other sites as well.

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