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To: Government

DAVID CAMERON to RESIGN for Deception and Conflict of Interest

It is our wish that the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, resign from his post for Deception and Conflict of Interest

Why is this important?

For Lying over Syria, Tax Credits, Budget Cuts, Tax Haven, Bailouts, EU-Brexit, Immigration; Crushing the economy, health & social care, human & disability rights, education, employment, steel, housing, social security, pensions; Spreading blood in class, race, political, ideological and hate wars; For increasing taxation, homelessness, warfare, censorship, surveillance, MP's salaries, corruption and cover-ups; For your living wage below the breadline;

For your hypocrisy and arrogance re. your Tax Haven inheritance and as such, your CONFLICT OF INTEREST; For deaths in Syria and the vulnerable in the UK; For a fraudulent campaign and appointment and for using the office as a political manoeuvre to solely benefit your rich masters. For failing miserably as a prime minister and as a human being.

UK people feel betrayed, do not agree with and do not trust David Cameron as Prime Minister, and does not wish to be associated with David Cameron.



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