To: David Lloyd Clubs (Lincoln)

David Lloyd Clubs (Lincoln) - Double Bubble

David Lloyd Clubs (Lincoln) - Double Bubble

We are requesting that David Lloyd Clubs (Lincoln) consider further financial investment into this premium tennis facility. Members desperately require additional indoor / or covered tennis facilities on site.
As members, collectively we are asking David Lloyd Clubs consider providing a double tennis court bubble for the benefit of Lincoln club members.

Why is this important?

There are simply too many tennis members trying to book indoor courts unsuccessfully.
Tennis coaching has booking priority rights by 24hours, resulting in paying members struggling to source court availability - especially at 'peak times'.
The number of coaches utilising the courts within 'peak times' appears to have recently escalated - is this fair to paying members?

How it will be delivered

Our goal is for 100 tennis members signing our petition to support this important issue - so our voices can be heard. Once our target is met it is intended to present our petition to David Lloyd Lincoln for consideration at Board level.

Tennis members - we need your support, otherwise our struggles go unnoticed.



Reasons for signing

  • I haven't been able to book a court during peak times since over a year now!!!its definitely needed in Lincoln BW.


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