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To: David Mundell, Theresa May, Ruth Davidson.

David Mundell to resign as MP and Secretary of State for Scotland.

David Mundell to resign as MP and Secretary of State for Scotland.

Ensure David Mundell's resignation.

Why is this important?

David Mundell has failed to represent the wishes of the majority of his constituents, who voted to Remain in the European Union.
He was the only Scottish MP out of 59 who voted in parliament to enact the Repeal Bill to leave the European Union.
David Mundell has failed as Secretary of State for Scotland.
He voted against the wishes of 62% of voters in Scotland who voted to remain in the EU, and has failed to represent Scotland's interests regarding funding commensurate with the extra funds for Northern Ireland announced as part of the Conservative/Democratic Unionist Party deal.


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Reasons for signing

  • A career politician , an opportunist full of self interest
  • His only interest is about his self scotland can do better than him
  • He has failed to fulfil his job description. In fact he has worked against Scotlands interests.


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