To: Irish Government

Day of Note

Day of Note

This Petition is asking the Irish Government to hold an Annual “ Day of Note” to commemorate the suffering endured by tens of thousands of Irish children who were committed to the Industrial Schools in Ireland.
On the 20th May 2009, the Ryan Report catalogued in 5 volumes, the systemic abuse of children, locked up in the Industrial Schools.

Children as young a 5 years of age were committed and would not be released until they were 16 years of age. This is equivalent to an 11 years prison sentence.

Physical, Psychological and Sexual Abuse was endemic in the Institutions .
The children were Totally Neglected.
The Irish Government set aside €500,000 ( half a million Euro), to erect a Memorial to honour the children who went through the Industrial Schools.
That pledge was made over 13 years ago and nothing has happened since.
The Survivors of the Industrial Schools do not want a Memorial, instead , they would like the fund be donated to the Children’s Hospital in Dublin.
A “ Day of Note “ held each year would honour all the Children who were committed to the Irish Industrial Schools.

This Quality of Compassion shows integrity of a Nation, a quality of knowing and doing what is morally right.
Only by remembering us each year, can true Restitution & Justice be offered to the Survivors.

Why is this important?

To Honour the Children who were committed to the Industrial Schools in Ireland.