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To: General Medical Council’s chief, Prof Chris Witty AND Doc Harpreet Sood, Director of Health Education

Deal with health complaints appropriately: STOP testing, stop prescribing, address drug waste

Deal with health complaints appropriately: STOP testing, stop prescribing, address drug waste

There are a number of issues. One, people are being turned into patients without fair assessment. Secondly, some prescriptions are unnecessary and ending up in our sewage. As a result, the NHS is facing unprecedented economic strain on every front.

Why is this important?

People must know that 3 out of 4 prescriptions doctors give are wholly unnecessary. The money wasted on these prescriptions could pay annual salaries for up to 20,000 nurses in the UK.

I care about this because my mother died, at only 63, of high doses of tests and prescriptions. I nearly did too for similar reasons. But my very timely decisions saved my life. Now, I have enough strength to marshal ahead to enlighten and educate others. But I need your support.

The conventional fix would be for a GP to prescribe one medicine, then another & then another.
Did you know? The GP’s get paid for every prescription they hand out. And worse still, the overload of drugs causes more defects and strain on our health making it into a no-come-back. It is clear that a pill-for-every-complaint approach is not the answer; it makes us dependent on pills and as a result our personal maintenance of health decreases. But, we can all help ourselves. And if can help ourselves, we can help others. Come on, let’s get on board to save our people!

And, unused medicines cost NHS £300 million/yr, approx. That includes an estimated £110 million worth of medicine that is returned to pharmacies . And, another £90 million worth of unused prescriptions sits idly stored in homes. And, monetary waste, drugs taken by humans end up in lakes and rivers causing devastating effects on environmental, aquatic & human health. We keep talking about our environment. But we are drugging our water and turning into an environmental disaster. I feel concerned like so many of you.
What do we want the government to do?
• Educate people about harmful effects of medicines, like we do with class A drugs
• Provide free classes on disposing of medication; label how much medication costs.
• Repackage unused medications and send them to impoverished nations
• Separate pharma waste from other waste to ensure it is incinerated to break down complex particles. Have volunteers to collect unwanted medicine from peoples’ homes for a start.

How it will be delivered

I plan to put the petition on the government portal, post on social media platforms, and deliver them in person and collect signatures.



2022-01-26 14:31:54 +0000

My story - In 2016, I developed severe chemical imbalance in my body leading to a health crisis. GP prescribed, just to name a few, naproxen for chronic pain, amitriptyline for tinnitus, atorvastatin for cholesterol control, metformin for diabetes, diazepam for sleep and for my skin an emollient and some generic antidepressant. Steroid injections for my knees & wrists. And to top of it up, Cyclophosphamide - a cancer drug when I did not have cancer.

2022-01-26 14:24:38 +0000

2022-01-26 12:36:39 +0000

Modern medicine, through over prescription, represents a major threat to public health.

2022-01-26 12:35:05 +0000