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To: Luke Graham MP

Defend Universal Credit in Public

Defend Universal Credit in Public

We have been using the local press and Social Media to challenge our local MP to take part in a public meeting about Universal Credit. We are asking for an opportunity for his constituents, recipients of UC and other local concerned groups can challenge the Policy and highlight its damaging effects upon families and the community. We would also like to ask questions about the issues detailed in the UN recent report on poverty throughout the UK.

Why is this important?

Yes Clackmannanshire and other local groups have been campaigning to highlight the injustices of UC and the increase in poverty created by this policy. To date our local MP will not meet with his constituents, we want to be able to have an open and public dialogue with him about why he should be challenging this Policy and sticking up for his constituents needs in London. We have been excluded from meetings, had no response to our emails and been dismissed by him in the local press. We need to make our case more robust and seek the support of the general public to pressurise him into coming out the shadows and facing the people of Clackmannanshire in a neutral public forum. IE A local public meeting with a neutral Chair.


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Reasons for signing

  • Luke is supposed to represent all constiuants in Clackmannanshire, he must man up and meet them
  • Stop Universal credit and fight against poverty


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