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To: Deliveroo bosses

Deliveroo: stop ripping off your staff

We call on Deliveroo to comply with the law by:
• Conducting fair negotiations with Riders about our concerns
• Publicly committing to not punishing drivers for organizing

Why is this important?

We are delivery riders in Edinburgh and have presented a collective grievance letter to the company citing our concerns and requesting a meeting to address them.

Deliveroo get away with avoiding giving their workers basic rights - things like sick pay, and holiday pay - by claiming we’re self-employed, even though the reality of our job expectations meets the criteria for employment. This is unfair not only to the workers, but to every business, council, or organization in the country which follow the rules - including the restaurants we deliver from. Deliveroo should not be allowed to continue undercutting other businesses, staff, and the country this way.


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