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To: The Prime Minister

Demand Boris Johnson issues a compulsory order to close to protect businesses during Emergency

Campaign closed as Insurance policies for most businesses will not pay out business interruption insurance due to Corona virus. Therefore this campaign cannot continue. Thanks to all who signed in good faith.

Boris Johnson this evening issued a ' 'request' to bars, cafés, clubs, cinemas, theatres and music venues and all entertainment businesses that they close in view of the Corona Virus emergency. That needs to be changed to a compulsory order immediate!y.

Why is this important?

If The Prime Minister issues a compulsory order, this will at least enable all businesses listed above to claim on insurance to mitigate some of their losses during this emergency.
Leaders of other European countries have done this, to enable the businesses to close, protect the public, help the health service, and enable these businesses to continue to trade after this emergency. We need this to happen to protect these businesses. Don't let this be as Don MacLean once sang " the day that music died". This could otherwise be the death knell for businesses we rely on for much needed entertainment and leisure.

How it will be delivered

I'd like to get this up to 100,00 or as near as possible by Friday by the 20th and then will e-mail the petition to Downing Street. I will notify you on this page of progress


2020-03-17 15:22:30 +0000

50,000 signatures reached

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